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Root Canal Therapy or Treatment (RCT) are also sometimes refer to as root treatment or nerve treatment. This involves total removal of vital tissues (pulp) inside the tooth, followed by chemo-mechanical preparation of the root canal(s), and finally, sealing of the root canal(s).

Why do we need root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is indicated when a tooth is suffering from :
- deep decay that has exposed and conteminated the pulp
- extreme sensitivity that is not resolved by other conservative treatment
- irreversible pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp) and/or internal resorption
- non-vitality, which can be caused by various reasons such as trauma etc.

Can root canal treatment always save a tooth

NO. Root Canal Treatment is not a 100% sussessful treatment. It should only be seen as giving the tooth, which would otherwise be extracted, a further chance to stay in the mouth. In some situation, a surgical approach (apicectomy) may be indicated if root canal treatment alone cannot solve the problem.
Disclaimer. All material supplied here are for general information only. Please consult your dentist regarding your specific conditions before making any decisions.
This page was last updated on: June 7, 2007
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